Friday, July 29, 2011

SEAHAWKS: Profiling the New Free Agents; Tarvaris Jackson, Robert Gallary and Sidney Rice

Tarvaris Jackson, QB

Jackson played the past five seasons in Minnesota, which chose him in the second round of the 2006 draft. His best season came in 2007 as the full time starter, passing for 1911 yards and 9 touchdowns. Ironic that fans always complained about Matt Hasselbeck always missing games, because Tarvaris has never played more than 12 games in a season. Jackson has played backup to Brett Farve the last two seasons.

Tarvaris Jackson’s play style is much like former Seahawks’ backup Senaca Wallace. He’s never been known to be super aware of his surroundings and never been very accurate, but can run and evade defenders well, which I suppose will be a vital skill when working behind this inexperienced Seahawks offensive line.

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It probably didn’t help his development as a player with Brad Childress as his coach and Brett Farve just barging in and taking the starting job. But apparently Jackson likes his former offensive coordinator and new Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell, as he followed Bevell to Seattle.

Sidney Rice, WR

Seahawks fans, before you freak out and think 24-year old Sidney Rice will win us a Super Bowl, calm down and put this into perspective. Yes, Rice did catch the ball 83 times for 1,312 yards in 2009, but do you know who his quarterback was then? It was Brett Farve behind a beastly Vikings offensive line. I’m pretty sure T-Jack (new nickname right there kids) and Charlie Whitehurst aren’t on Favre’s skill level.

Rice was nearly a bust before 2009, as the former 2nd round pick only caught 46 balls for 537 yards in his first two seasons. He also was injured for the first 12 games of the 2010 season, finishing the season with 17 receptions for 280 yards.

But there’s obviously some good to Rice if the Seahawks decided to invest $41 Million in him. He’s 6’ 4”, 202 lbs and is faster than people give him credit for. Team him up with 6’ 5” Mike Williams and Golden Tate, then boom, the Seahawks have a solid wide receiving core.

Robert Gallery, OG

Whereas Sidney Rice might be a little overrated, Robert Gallery might be a little underrated.

The 6’7”, 325 lbs beast was drafted in 2004 as the no. 2 overall pick, so obviously he has talent. The raiders put him out of place his first couple of seasons, having him play left tackle. But once Al Davis and crew realized left tackle wasn’t suited for the hard-nosed run blocker, the Raiders decided to move him to left guard. From there, the 31-year old became one of the best run blockers in the league.

So why would Gallery come to Seattle? Analysts believe the main reason is former Raiders head coach Tom Cable is now the Hawks’ O-line coach, so Gallery is merely following him.

Like I said before, Robert is an exceptional run blocker, but isn’t as good in the passing game. Luckily, pass blocking skills is more essential for the tackles, not the guards.

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