Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SEAHAWKS: Recapping the First Day of Free Agency

Don't worry, Seahawks fans.
Leinart isn't coming to Seattle.
ESPN’s Adam Schefter predicted that this year’s NFL free agency period would be the most chaotic time in sports history. Well, it hasn’t disappointed.

It’s been so crazy that I decided we make a list of what the Seahawks have accomplished so far, even if it’s just been a couple of days.

Matt Hasselbeck leaves, and then proceeds to sign with Tennessee

When I heard this news, I felt like one of my family members was moving away. Matt has been with Seattle for 10 years, and it’ll be weird to see someone else taking snaps.

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But If I could choose one team for him to go to, it would be the Titans. Being there will give Matt one last title run and give UW alum Jake Locker a solid veteran mentor. Plus, Tennessee did give Matt a generous 3-year, 21 million dollar contract. That probably did a little convincing.

Tavaris Jackson signs with Seahawks

Immediately after the Seahawks acknowledged Hasselbeck would not be returning, news broke that former Minnesota Vikings QB Tavaris Jackson signed with the Hawks.
I will do a full profile on Jackson later, but let’s just say that Jackson didn’t fare very well in Minnesota. Think of Jackson like a younger Senaca Wallace.

Robert Gallery signs with Seahawks

I said in yesterday’s article that signing Gallery would be a good move for Pete Carroll, and it looks like he took my advice (as if he would read this blog).
Gallery, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, started 12 games for the Raiders in 2010 under current Seahawks O-line coach Tom Cable. Robert will likely start at the vacant left guard spot.

Reports arise that the Seahawks are actively pursuing Sidney Rice

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times reported that the Seahawks are interested in signing Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice.

The 24-year old had more than 1,300 yards receiving two years ago, but was injured almost all of 2010. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Rice signs with us, as we possess his former offensive coordinator in Minnesota, Darrell Bevell. The Vikings appear to be the only competition for Rice.

Seahawks lose Kicker Olindo Mare and Linebacker Will Herring

The loss of Herring isn’t that big of a deal, even though he’s been a solid backup the last couple of years. The big loss is Mare, who’s been one of the most consistent kickers in the league and loss will be felt among Seahawks fans. Unless John Schneider can sign someone like David Akers, we could see a couple more missed field goals.

Rumors amount that Matt Leinart has signed with Seahawks, but are shot down

Fortunately, Leinart has re-signed with the Texans.

It’s alright Seattle. You can breathe now.

Now that the QB situation is resolved, what’s next for the Seahawks in this free agent frenzy? The next priority has to be re-signing defensive tackle Brandon Mebane. That needs to happen for this free agency period to be a success.

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