Friday, July 22, 2011

Mariners Baseball 2011: Be Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

There aren't a lot of times you, the average person, get the opportunity to witness history.

History being made is magical. Almost surreal. You feel important when you are spectating a moment that will be remembered forever into eternity.

Well, history IS IN THE MAKING right here in Seattle. What might that be you ask? A new bike lane being built? Another statue of a random artist? Howard Shultz burning his hand on a cup of coffee? No, none of these things.

The magic is happening right down at Safeco Field. The Mariners just lost their 13th game in a row; one away from 14 losses in a row, the most in franchise history. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity here folks to see possibly the greatest losing streak in Mariners history, whether you watch it on ROOT Sports or somehow are in sweltering Boston right now.

To Continue...

So come down to the Safe and witness Donkey from Shrek's mighty .182 average.

Take in the emotions you feel when the Mariners fail to score any runs.

Watch Carlos Peguro take mighty, hefty home run swings. And miss.

People don't get to see this magic every day. Don't you want to tell your grandkids about how YOU were THERE when Miguel Olivo grounded out for the 3000th time and when Eric Wedge finally had it with this team and beat up Jack Wilson?

This futility is so epic it's entertaining. Being last in every major offense category is laughable rather than "I'm going to sit in a corner now and sob because the Mariners can't score any runs." Don't take this too seriously. Enjoy the terribleness.

Become part of something bigger than yourselves. Become part of history. Become part of 2011 Mariners baseball.


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