Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oregonian writer rips on Paul Allen and Seattle… So I fight back

Do you know the great thing about having your own blog? You can write whatever you want. I don’t have a boss telling me what I can or can’t write. It’s not like a newspaper where there’s an editor setting deadlines and making sure all the newspaper’s writers are composing decent work.

Which leads me to this question: How can the Oregonian (One of Oregon’s big newspapers) editors let this piece of garbage that rips Paul Allen and Seattle float right by them?

John Canzano’s article states that “Portland has smarter, more attractive citizens” and “there's nothing much for people to do in Seattle” AND rips us twice for being internet obsessed (As if having Microsoft in the area is a bad thing).

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OK, I can deal with that. Canzano probably got beat up by jocks on the playground when he was little, so now he takes every opportunity to say bad things about bigger cities/bigger people. I mean, how can you make a claim that Portland citizens are more attractive than Seattleites? Is there a judge that walks up to every door in every city and examines people? Stupid.

Oh, and I’m sure you don’t want me to bring up the fact that Washington has Boeing, Microsoft, and Nordstroms and that Portland in 2008 had the most strip clubs per capita.

What REALLY disturbs me is the fact that he rips Paul Allen. Dude. Come on. Yeah, he might have a part ownership in the Portland Timber’s rival, the Seattle Sounders, but does that give you the opportunity to give him crap?

Cazano states that “Allen's loyalties are fractured” (referring to him owning the Seahawks and the Portland Trail Blazers) and that his ultimate goal is to move the Trail Blazers.

This is so selfish and idiotic, it makes me sick. So what if he doesn’t come to the games as often as you would like? As long as he keeps churning out 70 million dollar checks for the Blazers’ salary, you should be content. Not every NBA owner has to be in the Mark Cuban mold.

Allen bought the team in 1988, taking 46 million dollars out of his personal bank account to help fund the Rose Garden, the Blazers’ home court. If he really wasn’t loyal to Portland, the team would be gone by now after 23 years of ownership.

And so what if his loyalties might be swayed to Seattle? Big deal! He grew up in Seattle, started multibillion Microsoft in Seattle with Bill Gates, and currently lives in Seattle. Of course he’s going to love Seattle a bit more.

Instead of ripping on Allen, you should be kissing his feet thanking him he hasn’t sold the Blazers to someone like Seattle enemy Clay Bennett, who moved the Sonics to Oklahoma City.

So all and all John Canzano, don’t be a selfish jerk to Paul Allen, and don’t be making ludicrous, bogus claims about Seattle. Because in the end, Seattle far outweighs Portland in sports. You don’t have a major league baseball team, no NFL team, and the University of Washington has dominated the University of Oregon in practically everything up until the last few years.

Seattle, Washington, FTW.

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