Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks, you're our only hope

Last Sunday, The Oklahoma City Thunder, formerly the Seattle Supersonics, beat the Memphis Grizzlies 105-90 to advance to the NBA Western Conference finals.


The Zombie Sonics can’t get to the Finals. They just can’t. I don’t know if I could stomach watching our stolen team reach the NBA finals and receive praise from the national media.

Seattle Times columnist Jerry Brewer put it like this: “Seeing Oklahoma City thrive with this team is like losing your beautiful, longtime girlfriend to an ugly dude. Every time we see the woman now, she looks better and better. And we think, "She's with that guy?"”

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Well put Jerry.

But the Thunder aren’t home free yet. They haven’t reached the pinnacle of basketball, the NBA finals, just yet.

2009 NBA 6th man of the year and Franklin High School alum Jason Terry is in the way.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is in the way, as he and Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen were the only NBA owners to vote AGAINST Clay Bennett moving the Sonics out of Seattle.

7-foot, 23 points per game forward Dirk Nowitzki is in the way.

The Dallas Mavericks are IN THE WAY.

A group of 12 men from Dallas are Seattle’s only hope of keeping the young, inexperienced Oklahoma City Thunder out of the NBA finals.

Seattle, we have to unite around the Dallas Mavericks, because justice must be served.

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