Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SEAHAWKS: Catching up

With the NFL draft coming up this Thursday, we’ll be taking a break from the Mariners.

So, what exactly has happened with the Seahawks since they lost 35-24 in the divisional round at the hand of the Chicago Bears last January? Well, to be frank, nothing.

If you somehow haven’t heard, the NFL has been in a lockout, so NFL teams have been prohibited to commit any transactions. Actually, communication between players and their organizations has been virtually cut off, with players not being allowed to meet with coaches or work out at team facilities.

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But it seems to be all over now. In the court case between the NFL owners and the NFL Players Association, Judge Susan Nelson sided with the players, almost guaranteeing that there WILL be NFL football in the fall.

Alright, so now that the lockout is out of the way, we can start to focus on the Seahawks and their draft situation.

Here’s their draft picks are distributed:

25 (25)
25 (57)
2 (99)
25 (156)
26 (157)
8 (173)
6 (209)
39 (242)

"Personally, I’d like to move back,” Seahawks GM John Schneider said. “I have confidence in our ability in those middle rounds to do some good stuff.”

That's not really much of a surprise. The Hawks are without a third round pick, which Schneider said he isn't happy about.

“It’s actually easier to go up than it is to go back,” Schneider said. “I think there’s a number of teams that would like to go back right now. Not having a third-round pick, I’m not excited about that.”

I'd be mildly surprised if the Hawks kept their first round pick. Look for a trade where they trade the first rounder rounders two 3rd rounders, or possibly a low second and a third.

I will have a more in-depth draft analysis tomorrow sometime around 6:30. Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days, been pretty busy. I've been trying to recruit one more writer for the last week in hopes of avoiding long periods with no posts.

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