Monday, April 18, 2011

MARINERS: A couple hours late Detroit Tigers series preview

Tigers' ace Justin Verlander
7-9, fourth in AL Central. On a 2-game losing streak. 81-81 record in 2010.

MLB ranks: Hitting: 15th in runs, 10th in home runs, 16th in RBI, 19th in AVG.

Pitching: 26th in ERA, 21th in strikeouts, 8th HIGHEST in walks.

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Best Hitter: No debate whatsoever. Miguel Cabrera. This monster was close to being AL MVP last year, as he hit .328 with 38 HR and 126 RBI. If I’m the Mariners pitchers, particularly Doug Fister and Erik Bedard who don’t have rockets for arms, I pitch on the outer side of the plate AWAY from the 28 year old Cabrera.

Best Pitcher: Fireball throwing Justin Verlander. The way this dude pitches, I’m surprised he hasn’t blown out his arm yet. The Tigers’ ace routinely throws in the 97-99 MPH range; sometimes even topping 100 MPH. Verlander pitched an impressive 224.1 innings last year to go along with 219 strikeouts and a 3.37 ERA. Luckily, the Mariners won’t have to face this 3-time all-star, as he pitched last Saturday.

Mariners scheduled starting pitchers (in order of appearance): Jason Vargas, Doug Fister, and Erik Bedard.

Tigers scheduled starting pitchers: Matt Scherzer, Phil Coke, and Rick Porcello.

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