Thursday, March 31, 2011

HUSKIES: Be grateful for Isaiah Thomas

If you didn’t already hear the big news, here it is. Isaiah Thomas, the leader of the 2010-2011 UW men’s basketball team, is forgoing his final year of college eligibility to enter the NBA.


"It was very difficult," he said via a teleconference Thursday. "When the season ended it was on my mind what decision I would make, and leaving the University of Washington is the hardest thing I've done in my life."

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To be honest, I’ve developed a serious man crush for Thomas the last three years. The man is an absolute scoring machine, averaging 16.4 points a game for his career, while also averaging 6 assists per game in the 2010-2011 season.

I could just love him for his basketball talents alone. But there’s more to my man crush than his talents. It’s his heart.

A lot of people are going to hate Thomas now because he is leaving a year early. Really? Can you be that naïve and ungrateful?

I mean, this man maximized his opportunity at Washington in all areas. I.T. could’ve left his freshman season if he wanted to. He’s that good. There was nothing holding him back. But, he decided to give UW fans two extra years of his talent and production. Isaiah gave all he had to this program, and doesn’t deserve crap for leaving a year early.

Washington fans, be grateful for the three years you got to see of this future NBA star (yeah, I said it), because we might not see anything like it again. Yeah, we might see someone of his talent level come play for UW, but we’ll never see the drive Thomas had. He went hard on every play, never took a break, gave his full effort. He never whined or complained.

Isaiah gave all of his heart to Lorenzo Romar on the court, but also off it.

Did you ever see Thomas pull a Venoy Overton or Klay Thompson and get in trouble with the law? No. Isaiah epitomized the player Lorenzo Romar wants, which is a hardnosed, hardworking, intelligent basketball player.

So Washington fans, just remember the last three years and the greatness we have witnessed. Consider yourselves lucky to see one of the greatest clutch basketball players in the history of the school.

As for Isaiah in the NBA, I’ll love him regardless of what happens. I really only care about one thing:

That he doesn’t get drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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