Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SEAHAWKS: Hawks re-sign former UW players Roy Lewis, Isaiah Stanback

Today, the Seahawks re-signed Safety Roy Lewis and receiver Isaiah Stanback.

Roy Lewis, 25, was named the 2010 special teams captain, and often came on as the 5th defensive back in certain situations. Lewis was part of the "famed" bandit package this year, where defensive backs would come on blitzes, often to the dismay of unsuspecting quarterbacks. Roy was claimed off waivers during the 2009 season from the Pittsburgh Steelers, and played his college ball at UW.

Isaiah Stanback, 26, has less of an accomplished career than Lewis (if you can call his accomplished). Stanback had a decent career as a UW receiver/quarterback, which led him to being drafted in the 4th round by the Dallas Cowboys. After that however, he did virtually nothing, getting cut by Big D and signing with New England, then proceeding to get cut again. The Seahawks signed Stanback before training camp, and he appeared to be a favorite to make the team... until he hurt his ACL during camp.

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