Saturday, December 18, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Falcons vs. Seahawks important match ups

This week, the Seahawks face perhaps the best team in the NFC, the 11-2 Atlanta Falcons. If the Hawks win this game, which they could with it being at Quest Field, it would send a message to the entire league that Seattle is not giving up. Here are the match ups the Seahawks need to win to pull out with a victory.

Mike Williams vs. Atlanta secondary It seems as if I say this every week, but it is a huge key. Mike Williams needs to excel for the Seahawks to win. We have all seen the effect of him being absent from the lineup does to our offense, and it's not pretty. His skills are even more needed now that Deon Butler broke his leg and is out for the season. If Williams can have a 10, maybe 11 catch day, the passing game should be okay.

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Marcus Trufant vs. Roddy White One weakness the Falcons have is that they really don't have a true number 2 receiver behind big play receiver Roddy White, which leaves them vulnerable to good cornerbacks. Marcus hasn't played like he has in the past this season, but if he can neutralize Roddy White (good luck), Matt Ryan doesn't have many other options besides tight end Tony Gonzalez. Problem is, no one has figured out how to stop White this season, which is why he has 1219 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns.

Brandon Mebane/Colin Cole vs. Michael Turner Much like the Kansas City Chiefs, if the Falcons can just run the ball with success the whole game, they will. The Seahawks are guaranteed a loss if they let Michael Turner run down their throats. Turner is physical, inside runner who will run through arm tackles with ease. So if Mebane and Cole can stop him inside, Michael will be forced to the outside, which is not his strong suit. Definitely the most important match up on defense.

Leon Washington vs. Falcons' special teams Let's face it, a lot is going to have to go right for the Seahawks to win. Including special teams. The third phase has been the Seahawks' strong suit all season, netting them multiple touchdowns. It would make it a lot easier for the offense if Washington can set them up at midfield off a kick return, rather than our own 20 yard line.

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