Sunday, December 12, 2010

SEAHAWKS: 49ers embarrass Hawks 40-21

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In a year that has had it's fair share of ups and downs, the Seahawks hit rock bottom.

The Seahawks got pulverized 21-40 at the hands of the 49ers at Candlestick Park. There was no excuses for this butt whooping as Matt Hasselbeck threw 4 interceptions and the Seahawks once again weren't able to run the ball at all. This game was one of those games you force yourself to take a step back and wonder how on earth the Seahawks are 6-7, let alone still be tied for the NFC West lead.

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One of the deciding factors in this one was that the Hawks two starting receivers, Mike Williams and Ben Obamanu, were out with injures before the game even started. That left the team with Deon Butler and Ruvell Martin as the starting WRs. That my friends is a recipe for disaster.

The game started out badly with the 49ers shredding the Seahawks' defense with a intimidating opening drive touchdown, capped off by a Vernon Davis 42 yard touchdown reception. And it only got worse.

The Seahawks did manage to score a touchdown, which was one of the only positives from the day. After that however, the 49ers decided to turn it on. And by turning it on, I mean rattling off 30 straight points en route to a 30-7 lead with 3:32 left in the third quarter.

One of the many reasons why the Hawks got blown out was the turnovers by Matt Hasselbeck. He threw a grand total of 4 interceptions, in which two of them were thrown into double coverage and made you just wonder if he was even trying anymore

Quite possibly the worst thing that could come out of this game is that in garbage time in the fourth quarter, with the game out of reach, Hasselbeck threw a 2 yard touchdown pass to Deon Butler. Problem is, he broke his leg in the process. Getting a leg injury is one of the worst things that can happen to a guy like Deon Butler, who relies on his speed most of the time. He is out for the season.

I'm being pretty negative right now, but it's hard to be positive with a loss like this that makes the road to the playoffs that much tougher. The Seahawks are 6-7 and sharing first place with the Rams at this point, but the 49ers aren't far behind with a 5-8 record. St. Louis faces Seattle at Quest Field the last week of the season, so it is likely the Seahawks will have to beat either the Atlanta Falcons or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for that final game to determine the NFC West title. That is not a small order, considering the Falcons are 11-2 while the Bucs are 8-5.

These next three games will tell us a lot about the Seahawks. They can either sulk and wallow in this loss, or decide to come back with an even greater hunger to win.

We're still looking at you Seahawks, and we're still expecting results.

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