Sunday, November 7, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Seahawks get stepped on by Giants

On a weekend that didn’t go right for the rest of the Seattle teams, the Seahawks might have turned in the worst performance of all.

The Seahawks just got absolutely obliterated by the New York Giants 41-7 at Quest Field on Sunday. The Hawks never even had a chance in the game, with the Giants exploding for 21 points in the first quarter and a 35-0 halftime lead. This loss was the worst ever at Quest Field and caused the 12th man to be silenced.

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The main storyline coming into this game is how Charlie Whitehurst, in his first NFL start ever, would deal with the Giants’ tenacious pass rush. That matchup was won right away by the Giants, as they forced a 3 and out on the Seahawks first drive. The Hawks punted the ball away, and the Giants took over. Seattle forced a fumble, recovered it, and then went three and out. The next five drives for New York went like this: Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown, and Touchdown. At that point, with the Seahawks not getting any points during that time, the game was over.

In the Second half, the buzz saw known as the Giants offense showed mercy on us, and chose to melt the clock and only score 6 points. The Seahawks managed a touchdown late with a Whitehurst pass to Ben Obomanu, but it was too little too late.

Some Hasselbeck haters were excited for this game because they thought Charlie Whitehurst was finally going to show everyone he is better than Matt. Well I have an answer to them. Go crawl back into your cave because judging by his performance today, there is no possible way Whitehurst is better than Hasselbeck. Even when he had no pressure on him, he looked like he was seeing ghosts. His line was 12 pass completions on 23 attempts, 113 yards, 2 INTS, and 1 TD pass. Not impressive at all.

All and all, there really weren’t any positives to take out of this game, no gray area. The Giants are one of those rare teams that really don’t have legitimate weaknesses, with maybe their only one being their turnover problem. The G-men overmatched the Seahawks, in all aspects of the game. The Seattle Defense got gashed for 487 yards, while the offense only gained a measly 162.

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