Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Seattle is America's most miserable sports city - again

Maybe some day.

For the second straight year Forbes has deemed Seattle the most miserable sports city in the U.S. after both the Seahawks and Mariners saw seasons end well short of the playoffs. Meanwhile, the departed Sonics saw success in the post season after beating L.A. twice with Kevin Durant earning the scoring title.

The article begins:
With its lone title 31 years in the past and Kevin Durant turning into a star elsewhere, it's gloomy in Seattle.
To Continue...

The article doesn't mention the Sounders, although that may have just reaffirmed the decision after the club just compensated fans for another disappointing loss.

But what about recent success with teams like the Seahawks, who had a grip on the NFC West for five years, or the Sounders seeing a playoff birth last year?

I wonder ... what would it feel like?

Forbes said they don't only look at losing records. They also look at departed teams, such as the Sonics, and how much a team teases fans, such as in Super Bowl XL or the Mariners' recording winning season that fell short of the World Series.
Those cities that combine a lot of playoff losses and few championships score highest (final round losses, such as a Super Bowl or World Series, are given the most weight, followed by semifinal round losses, and so on). Records from the pre-merged American Basketball Association and American Football League count.
And, as the articles leads with, Seattle hasn't won a championship in 31 years.

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