Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The glorious return of NSS's Hump Day Trivia - Season 2 (10/10 answered)

Did your morning beverage just spew out your nose and onto your keyboard?

"Whaaatt?!" you yell in disbelief. "Is this really happening?"

Yes, you read that headline correctly - Hump Day Trivia season two starts now! So get your game faces on and navigate to your preferred search engine 'cus it's time to show us what you got.

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In case you don't recall, reader Neurocell stomped the competition last season with 30 points, followed by Brodie with 17.

There is one question per sport. Each question is worth a certain amount of points. Post your answers in the comments section below. You only get one guess per question each day so no spamming.

We will compile a scoreboard, which will be updated as each question is answered. Maybe this year we'll even have a prize, so stay tuned on that one.


Q: What two players are tied for the team record for most receiving touchdowns in a season? (2 points)
Joey Galloway and and Steve Largent are tied at 12 but Daryl Turner had 13 in 1985. Answered by DB


Q: Who was the first Mariners pitcher to win Rookie of the Year and what year did he win it? (2 points)
Kazuhiro Sasaki in 2000. Answered by DB


Q: What was the date and attendance of the Seattle Sounders first sold out game? (2 points)
13,876 in Memorial Stadium on June 22, 1974. First sell-out in NASL history. Answered by DB


Who was on deck when Edgar Martinez hit the game-winning double in game 5 of the 1995 American League Division Series? How many outs were there, and who was pitching? (4 points)

Alex Rodriguez, No Outs, Jack McDowell. Answered by DB


10 points --- DB

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