Friday, May 21, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Reading the field - Milloy could start ahead of Babs


Despite starting the entire season last year, Jordan Babineaux could see his presumed strong safety spot filled by Lawyer Milloy, according to a PFW report.
But don't be shocked if Lawyer Milloy, who has played more than twice as long at the pro level as Babineaux, begins the season as the starting strong safety and serves as a mentor for [Earl] Thomas...
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The articles cites anonymous Seahawks office personnel.

Babineaux recorded 104 tackles last season, good for second on the team behind LB David Hawthorne. Strong safety, which lines up near the linebacker position, should suit the 27-year-old Babineaux better than free safety because he is not known for his sideline-to-sideline prowess.

He is, however, a good tackler and could competently assist in the run. Also, his instinctive playmaking abilities could mean more interceptions on quick passes at strong safety.

Lawyer Milloy has got his work cut out for him. At 36, he can't have much left in the tank at this point and a backup roll seems more suited for the storied veteran.

2009 offensive line problems
Most football fans know it all begins in the trenches and if you are not winning those battles, the game is likely out of your reach. Last season, the Seahawks had 10 different starters on the offensive line, which ranks second to worst in the league, according to ESPN.

Buffalo was the only team to shuffle more starters on the line than Seattle, with 11. Oakland also had 10.
The only other franchises with double-digit starters were Oakland and Seattle, with 10 each. Not surprisingly, the Bills, Raiders and Seahawks finished the 2009 season with an aggregate record of 16-32.
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