Friday, April 30, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Walter Jones announces retirement

We all saw it coming. We speculated his days were numbered when Big Walt could not finish out the 2008 season because of injury. We sensed it might be over early last season when he missed the first game. Then the second and third games. Once he was on IR, most Seahawks fans knew the rest of the story.

After holding out for several months, Walter Jones has announced his retirement from the NFL. Jones indicated that he had made his decision in February, but declined to make the official announcement until after the draft.

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Widely regarded as the best who ever played at left tackle, Jones was the cornerstone for 12 years of Seahawks fans. He was the last remaining ‘Hawk to have played in the Kingdome. During his illustrious career, Jones posted some ridiculous stats. He allowed only 23 sacks and was penalized for holding just nine times in 180 starts. During his rookie year, 1997, Jones missed four games due to an ankle injury. He would not miss another game due to injury for the next 11 years.

With the first pick in the 2010 draft, the Seahawks have attempted to replace Jones on the field. What they do not know is that Jones was the type of player who comes around ever 50 years or so. Someone so in tune to the game and his position that everything they do seems effortless. My suggestion to Pete and Schneider? Sign that man up as an O-line coach, immediately!

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