Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SEAHAWKS: What to Look for When Watching an NFL Preseason Game

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Throughout its history, the NFL preseason has received a bad rap because of well, it’s meaningless. The results of the game have no impact whatsoever on the regular season. You could go 4-0 in the preseason and go 0-16 in the regular season just like the 2008 Detroit Lions did.

But these games actually hold some merit if you watch them the right way. Follow these rules and the preseason could be entertaining to you.

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1) Observe how well the offensive line blocks

Last year, the Seahawks offensive line played terribly in the preseason… and guess what! They played terribly in the regular season too. One of the main goals of these four exhibition games is for the O-line to develop cohesiveness with one another and not just be a jumbled mess of men not knowing how each other blocks.

This preseason is more important than ever for the Seahawks offensive line. The general projection is that two rookies will start on the right side of the line (John Moffitt and James Carpenter) and they need all the in game experience they can get.

2) Watch the rookies

This is the first chance to see the newly drafted rookies in NFL action, so take it all in. Plus, the preseason is when low drafted rookies are likely to receive the most playing time. These games can help determine whether or not a certain rookie is ready for the NFL, physically and mentally.

But c’mon, as fans, let’s be realistic. All we want to see is whether or not the rookies truly match up with their new Madden 12 ratings. Right? Right.

3) Get to know the no names

Clever title, I know.

If a guy you’ve never even seen before stands out to you with his solid play, chances are the coaches saw him too and they’re giving him a serious look at making the team. And who knows? Maybe this guy will be the next David Hawthorne and come out of nowhere and become a reliable starter.

The best part to this is down the road you can pull the ol’ “I SAW HIM! I predicted he would become a Pro Bowler! GIMME’ SOME CREDIT HERE!” That’s what it’s all about.

4) Pay attention to the position battles and storylines

Before the game, look at certain Seattle Sports Blogs (heh) or really just any news source for the top storylines and position battles that make the 4th quarters interesting. I can’t really explain it any more than that.

Speaking of position battles and storylines, I’ll have a post on that before the game tomorrow.

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