Saturday, April 16, 2011

MARINERS: Eric Wedge goes off on Mariners after 7-0 loss

Eric Wedge has seen enough. After keeping his emotions in check the last two weeks after some tough losses, his top finally blew off.

According to Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, Eric Wedge called for a team meeting behind doors closed to the media, and just went ballistic. Baker said through his Twitter account that Wedge could be heard from the hallway outside the locker room.

When the clubhouse opened to the media, it was dead quiet inside.

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"That's the problem, it's the same thing, different day and it's unacceptable,'' Wedge said. "We're not going to keep watching this. We're going to get better and we're going to address it, obviously, as we've been doing as a team and individually, but we're going to get better. We're not going to keep doing what we've been doing here.''

Wedge was asked what he can say to the players.

"You're doing the work, but ultimately you've got to take it into the game,'' he said. "I want them to have the mindset that's aggressive and such to where we're up there ready for anything. Anything and everything. Whether it be at home plate or out in the field or wherever it may be.”

I don’t blame Wedge for getting mad at this team. I mean, they got beat 7-0 with FELIX HERNANDEZ on the mound.

"I don't think we've been in it for a little while in regard to what I've been seeing,'' he said. "We've done an OK job of getting runners on base. But we're leaving about eight to 10 on when we do that. You've got to finish off ABs. You've got to finish off innings.''

Amen Wedgie. Amen.

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