Monday, March 14, 2011

What's happening this week

(NOTE: All Mariners games spring training games)

Monday: Mariners vs. Chicago Cubs, 1:05 PM, no T.V. or radio

Tuesday: Sounders open the season vs. the Los Angeles Galaxy, 6:30 PM, ESPN.

Wedenesday: Mariners vs. Milwaukee Brewers, 7:05 PM, televised on FSN and going through 710 ESPN for radio.

Thursday: Mariners vs. Kansas City Royals, 6:05 PM, radio on 710 ESPN.

Friday: 1. UW takes on Georgia in the first round of the NCAA Tournament at 6:45 PM. Broadcast on CBS.

2. Mariners take on the Arizona Diamondbacks at 1:05 PM, broadcast on FSN. Radio is 710 ESPN.

Saturday: 1. Sounders go to New York to take on the New York Red Bulls at 4:30 PM. Broadcast on KONG.

2. Mariners vs. Texas Rangers at 1:05 PM. Radio is 710 ESPN. No T.V.

Sunday: 1. If the Huskies were to win on Friday, they would likely face North Carolina in Charlotte in the second round of the NCAA tournament on this date.

2. Mariners vs. San Diego Padres at 1:05 PM. Radio is 710 ESPN. No T.V.

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