Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SEAHAWKS: Leon Washington re-signs with 'Hawks

Running back and special teams star Leon Washington has reportedly agreed to re-sign with the Seahawks.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it's believed the deal is structured to pay $12.5 million over a four year period with an additional $3.5 million in incentives that could be earned based on Washington's performance as a running back.

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The Seahawks acquired Washington in a trade with the Jets during the 2010 NFL draft, with the Hawks exchanging a 5th round pick for a Jets 7th rounder and Washington. Leon was coming off a broken leg at that point, which is one of the reasons the Seahawks had to give up so little to acquire the former Pro Bowler.

Washington, 28, was one of the Seahawks' most successful additions. He returned 3 kickoffs for touchdowns this year, including two against the San Diego Chargers, and almost returned a punt for a TD against Carolina.

With the NFL experiencing a possible lockout, it was important for the Seahawks to lock up Washington to make sure he didn’t go anywhere in the possible work stoppage.

The 3.5 million in incentives suggest the Seahawks have a plan for Washington to be more involved in the offense, rather than just be a pure special teamer.

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