Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HUSKIES: Venoy Overton charged with a misdemeanor

Seniors are supposed to be leaders, an example for their teammates to follow. Freshman should be able to say about seniors “Hey, I want to be like him in four years.”

I guess Venoy Overton didn’t get the memo.

Venoy Overton, the Huskies’ defensive ace and longtime 6th man, got caught today giving alcohol to an underage girl. He will be suspended for the PAC-10 Tournament, but the suspension will be lifted if the Huskies are invited to the NCAA Tournament. However, Overton will travel down to Los Angeles just to practice with the team.

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Overton’s misdemeanor is one of the many setbacks the Huskies have faced this season. UW was viewed as the runaway favorite to win the PAC-10, but injures, problems like this, and high expectations destroyed what was previously viewed as head coach Lorenzo Romar’s best team ever.

"It's been the toughest year since I've been the coach here," said Romar, who is in his ninth season. "You have a certain vision. You work real hard for your program to be a certain way and you also want the best for your guys.

"If something goes wrong and your guy makes a mistake, it's always a setback. You just hate to see that happen. But you make mistakes, there are consequences to it. Just dealing with that makes it difficult."

Overton practiced Tuesday, but was unavailable for comment.

This comes alongside Washington State’s Klay Thompson and Reggie Moore getting caught with Marijuana in separate incidents, and an undisclosed UW player being suspected of sexual assault, all within a matter of months.

It’s been a sad basketball season for the State of Washington.

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