Monday, February 28, 2011

What's happening this week

(*All Mariners games Spring training matches)

Monday: Mariners vs. San Diego Padres at 12:05 PM on 710 ESPN radio. Also it should be noted that this is the first Monday in a while where there’s been something notable going on. Congrats Monday.

Tuesday: Mariners vs. Texas Rangers at 12:05 PM. No T.V. or radio.

Wednesday: Mariners vs. Arizona Diamondbacks at 12:05 PM. No T.V. or radio.

1. Current NFL CBA expires. If there is no new CBA by this time, no NFL football in the fall of 2011.
2. UW faces UCLA at Hec Edmundson Pavilion at 6:00 PM on ESPN or ESPN2. A good opportunity for the Huskies to showcase themselves in front of a national audience.
3. Mariners vs. Chicago White Sox at 12:05 PM. No T.V. or radio.

1. Sounders continue their preseason games with a face off with the Portland Timbers in Tukwilla at 7:30. No T.V. or radio.
2. Mariners vs. Cincinnati Reds at 12:05 PM on 710 ESPN radio.

1. Huskies finish out regular season vs. USC at Hec Ed at 7:30 PM on FSN.
2. Mariners vs. Cleveland Indians at 12:05 PM on 710 ESPN Radio.

1. Sounders face Vancouver in Tukwilla at 3:00 PM. No T.V. or Radio.
2. Mariners vs. San Francisco Giants at 12:05 PM. No T.V. or radio.

Sorry for not having the Mariners wrap up posted, had technical difficulties. Plus, not a lot happed this week regarding the Mariners anyway.

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