Sunday, February 13, 2011

Next Season Sports is back

After a very long hiatus, Next Season Sports is back.

There are going to be a few changes to this blog. One, we are going to start covering Husky men's basketball, and in the fall, Husky football. It's been hard not having the Sonics in town, so UW basketball has become come Seattle's basketball lifeline. Plus, college hoops is really the only thing going on right now, so I thought it deserved some attention.

Two, me and Matthew are going to start something where we interview a random person about Seattle Sports for your enjoyment. Sometimes, it'll be a baseball nerd, or sometimes it'll be someone who has no clue what an Ichiro is. Either way, it will be entertaining.

And thirdly, and maybe the most important thing, we will be running on a tight schedule from here on out. Before, NSS was too erratic and just posted random stuff at any time, and readers had no clue when to check in to see if there was a new post or not. So to fix that problem, we have constructed a posting schedule so you aren't checking in every 30 minutes.

Here is the schedule:

Monday: What's happening this week in Seattle sports. Just a heads up about the various games/events coming up.

Tuesday: Seahawks/NFL post. Kind of a self explanatory title right there. This one could get tricky with the NFL possibly experiencing a lockout if a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is not completed by March 3rd.

Wednesday: Free day. This does not necessarily mean there will be no posts, a free day just means that a post is not scheduled.

Thursday (morning): Husky Basketball preview. The Dawgs usually play on Thursdays and Saturdays, so I will have a preview of these games on Thursday morning.

Friday: Interview with random person about sports. A way to start your weekend on a humorous note. Could possibly be in video form.

Saturday: Free day.

Sunday: Mariners wrap up. Matthew will summarize the Mariners week. He'll give a quick review on every game, give you important stats, and that kind of stuff.

All this will go along with short posts about Mariners transactions, important news, and miscellaneous information.