Monday, October 4, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Loss to St. Louis forces a reality check

I could see this coming.

The Seahawks coming into the game somehow the new kings of the NFC West and ready to go 3-1 heading into the bye week. Pete Carroll had somehow turned a ragtag bunch into playoff sleepers. Seattle, Washington was ready to be named Leon, Washington.

But then reality struck in the form of a blowout against a team Seattle had previously bludgeoned 10 straight times.

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You all know by now. I don't need to summarize it. The Seahawks got beat up, had their milk money stolen, and fell flat on their faces as they lost 20-3 at the hands of the Rams. Seattle's ten game winning streak against St. Louis came to an end. The Seahawks fell to 3-18 in their last 21 road games.

The game was filled with dropped passes, blown assignments, and bad communication with the wide receivers and Hasselbeck. To name a couple bad instances...

The Seahawks at one point tried a fake field goal in which they had Jon Ryan running. I don't think that needs an explanation.

On a 4th and 2, with the game still in reach, Michael Robinson dropped a for sure first down from Hasselbeck.

And, finally, on a pass intended for Golden Tate, Hasselbeck chucked it deep while Tate did a 10 yard curl route. Fail.

So after all this, fans are angry and confused on why they aren't looking like the energetic, fast Seahawks they have been accustomed too the first few weeks.

Well I have an answer fans.

Just wait.

The Seahawks, according to Sporting News, weren't even supposed to win a game in the first four weeks. More than half of the players on the roster weren't on the team in 2009.

We can't get ahead of ourselves here. This team only won five games all of last year, and three of those wins were against the Rams and the Lions. The 2009 Seahawks were a mix of disgruntled veterans and jumbled up youngsters. Now look at the Green and Blue. They are at this point an infusion of young talent (Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, Russell Okung) and savvy, team oriented veterans (Hasselbeck, Lawyer Milloy, Brandon Stockley).

Players need time to develop together as a team. You can't throw 25+ new guys together and expect to win. Most teams that try to rebuild and compete at the same time fail (cough, cough, 2010 Seattle Mariners).

For John Scheinder and Pete Carroll, rebuilding has to be number one, while winning ballgames should be number two. There's no point in trying to get 9 wins his year and 7 next year with aging veterans if the Seahawks can get 7 this year and 11 down the road with guys in their prime.

Coaches who stick to their long term plans usually pull through. Remember Mike Holmgren's first few years? Not pretty. But once he got his guys, he got the team to the super bowl after a couple of hard years.

So just like Mike, Pete can't lose sight of what's at the end of the tunnel. Seahawks fans must be patient the next two years and let Carroll's plan do its stuff.

Even if there is some games like we just witnessed, the 12th man will keep on shouting.

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