Saturday, October 30, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Raiders vs. Seahawks important match ups

This week, the 4-2 Seahawks battle with the Hard-nosed 3-4 Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Colosseum has a reputation of a spooky/weird/twisted place, which is ironic because the game is played on Halloween. The Raiders have fallen on hard times in the last decade, but look to be reemerging with all but one of losses being close. Here are some match ups the Seahawks need to win to pull out a victory.

Nnamdi Asomugha vs. Mike Williams: Mike Williams has been on a hot streak the last two games, catching 21 balls with the help of his huge 6-5, 230 pound frame. But Asomugha isn't a small guy either, being 6-2, 210 pounds. Nnamdi is a top three cornerback in the league, being a three time Pro Bowler and having the highest salary a defensive back as ever had in history. He's so good, QBs basically have admitted defeat and never throw to him in the first place. If Williams beats Asomugha consistently, there's no telling what damage the Seahawks offense can do.

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Quinton Ganther vs. Raiders linebackers: This may seem like a small matchup, but it's not. With the Seahawks' other fullbacks being injured, Ganther had to be re-signed to fill the often overlooked role of fullback. Marshawn Lynch has said that he likes a fullback leading the way for him while Justin Forsett prefers to not have one. If Ganther can clear the way and shove some of the linebackers out, Lynch can have a huge day blowing up the Raiders smaller defensive backs.

Seahawks defensive ends vs. Darren McFadden: So far this season, Darren McFadden has been absolutely electric. With his combination of quickness and strength, in five games he has rushed for 557 yards and 4 touchdowns. He gets lots of his long runs by going running off the edge and getting around the opposing team's defensive ends, which then gives him an opportunity to get around the secondary. But if Chris Clemons and Red Bryant can contain him, the Raiders will be forced to throw, which is not their strong suit.

Lofa Tatupu vs. Zach Miller: Quietly, Zach Miller has become one of the most reliable Tight Ends in the NFL with is sure hands, crisp route running, and work ethic. He is the Raiders' QB's favorite target, as displayed by his team leading 33 receptions. As for Tatupu, he has routinely been dropping back in coverage and covering the middle of the field, which is where Miller catches most of his passes. Zach is the Raiders' only reliable target, so if Lofa can shut him down, the Raiders are in for a tough day.

In addition, here is CBS's Seahawks vs. Raiders preview.

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