Friday, August 6, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Four questions heading into the season

As we all know, football season is only weeks away and there are some serious questions facing the Seahawks. Here are my top four questions heading into the season (in no particular order), along with my predictions.

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Will the Justin Forsett/Leon Washington/Julius Jones rotation work?
All implications in training camp are that there will be somewhat of a 3-back rotation with these guys, with Forsett and Washington getting the majority of the carries and Jones getting some work near the goal line. Forsett and Washington are somewhat unproven guys, while Jones has had two dismal seasons in Seattle running into our O-line, falling down, and losing two yards. Usually in a rotation you have a speed back and a power back, but with Forsett and Washington being the speed and nobody really knowing what Jones is, we lack the prototype power back. With all this said, it will be interesting how this group works.(Prediction: Jones will get cut while Forsett and Washington run for a combined 1800 yards.)

2) Who will be our starting Defensive Ends? Lawrence Jackson, Chris Clemons, Nick Reed, Red Bryant, Ricky Foley. Do any of these names stand out to you as a sure fire, play making, monster defensive end? Nope. The Seahawks lost their two best pass rushers, Patrick Kerney and Daryl Tapp, during the offseason and never drafted one so they have to stick with this group they have now. But with no clear cut starter, this is going to be the most intense battle in camp. (Prediction: Red Bryant and Chris Clemons will win the jobs. But watch out for Nick Reed...)

3) Will Pete Carroll's enthusiasm carry late into the season? The vibe around Carroll is all about optimism and hope, but can he sustain it? If the Hawks start to crumble late in the season, we will find out Pete's true character... As we did with Jimmy Mora. Jim displayed greatness and enthusiasm during camp last year, but as the team started to fall and lose faith in him, he grew bitter towards the players and the media. (Greatest Mora quote ever, "I want linemen who eat nails!" That'll make your line believe Jim!) Hopefully Carroll's attitude now is not just a smokescreen... (Prediction: if the Hawks start failing, Carroll stays media and player friendly but with not as much peppiness.)

4) Who will be the No. 3 Wide Receiver? By the looks of it, it seems that T. J. Houshmenzadeh is the No.1 receiver, Golden Tate No. 2, while Deon Branch and Dion Butler battle for the No. 3 spot. As you might know, Butler was a third round pick last year while Branch is the overused joke among Seahawk fans, with the Seahawks trading a first round pick for him and getting injured all the time. Butler has more speed while Branch is a veteran and runs more precise routes. Butler is still on a meager rookie salary while Branch is far overpaid. It will all come down to who does better in camp. However, don't rule out Branch even taking the number 2 spot away from Tate. (Prediction: Branch beats our Butler for the spot.)

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