Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Carroll: Owens will not be a Seahawk in 2010

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll drew the line on the speculation of his team signing free-agent receiver Terrell Owens on Monday. Prior to his debut season as head coach in Seattle, Carroll announced on the radio that Owens will not be sporting a ‘Hawks jersey in 2010, despite concerns of injury and inexperience in the current receiving depth chart.

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Carroll said Monday, “That’s not the right guy for us at this time … I like him and all that but we’re going to continue to work the guys we got and (go) in a different direction than that,” mynorthwest.com reports.

Owens ranks third all-time in receiving yards and touchdowns but has suffered a decrease in numbers in recent years, not to mention the personality clashes he’s endured in almost every franchise he’s played for. More so, Carroll remains focused on working on the youth within the Seahawks receiving core, giving them maximum experience required to grow.

T.O. remains an unrestricted free agent, and has been rumored to be linked to the Redskins and Patriots among others.

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