Thursday, May 6, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Reading the field - White criticizes Tennessee's 2009 running game

Lendale White

New Seahawks running back LenDale White, formerly of the Titans, insinuated during an interview with FOX Sports Radio that Tennesee's drastic drop-off in 2009 was partially due to the team's commitment to getting Chris Johnson past 2,000 rushing yards.

“I think what happened was in Tennessee they probably got a little too carried away with the Chris Johnson thing,” White said. “The year before that, we were 13-3 when I had 200 carries and we split the rock. Chris went to the Pro Bowl and we had the first-round bye. They did things different the next year, and we struggled to make the playoffs. It is what it is.”

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White said he had quit drinking and improved his conditioning for the 2009 season, only to be benched in favor of Chris Johnson as the work horse.

Seahawks team to beat in NFC West
While most pundits seam to point to San Francisco as the top dog in the NFC West now that Kurt Warner has retired, a Fox Sports article thinks otherwise.
With a revamped offense and a healthy defense led by former Carroll protégé Lofa Tatupu, the forecast predicts sunny skies for rainy Seattle, as the Seahawks will once again be the team to beat in the NFC West in 2010.
The article goes on to discuss Carroll's mediocre stint in the NFL 10 years ago and what has changed since. It also goes on to explain why Carroll's second stay in the NFL may be more promising than past championship college coaches who floundered in the pros.

GM Schneider helping lead Seahawks back to relevance has a long article detailing GM Scheider's ascension to Seattle and what roll he plays alongside the charismatic head coach Pete Carroll.

Schneider discussing his relationship with Carroll:
"He's a very trusting guy, and I think for me being a first-time general manager, he's great for me because I've always been aggressive on the risk-taking side, and, 'Let's roll,' and he's kind of even more that way.

"So now I have to be kind of the guy who's like, 'Whoa, let's slow down a minute here. Let's think this through.' And we've had a blast, so much fun late at night, eating late meals watching tape and listening to music, talking about players and football philosophy and life philosophy.

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