Monday, May 17, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Reading the field - Seahawks to take NFC West?

While most NFL pundits seem to universally agree that the 49ers are the favorites to take the division, SI's Peter King predicts Seattle as the NFC West Champs.
I say Matt Hasselbeck has one more sound year in him, and he'll have weapons enough to edge the 49ers and Cards for the division.
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King has Seattle ranked at no. 11 in his power rankings.
11. Seattle. I don't love the division, so it's logical to give Turnaround Team of the Year to Pete Carroll and the Seahawks. "I know one thing we will do,'' he said to me a month ago. "We will increase competition at every position on the roster.'' Charlie Whitehurst, Leon Washington, LenDale White (laugh if you must, but he'll be a factor because Carroll will know how to press his buttons) and a slew of other role players will see to that.
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