Saturday, April 17, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Three more free agents signed from mini-camp

In the spirit of competition that first year Head Coach Pete Carroll has instilled in his new team, the Seahawks have added to their offseason free agent acquisitions. Besides a pair of Williams at WR, Seattle also added cornerback Kennard Cox, guard Mitch Erickson and fullback Ryan Powdrell.

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The Seahawks' next training camp is scheduled for July, meaning we won't have another good look at the new players until then. With a roster full of veterans, the only real hope any of the freshly minted Seahawks have of making the team is to impress coach Carroll enough to bump a starter. That might not be so hard with the "best man for the job" mentality the new coaching staff is working under.
In other 'Hawks news, Trevor Canfield, a guard who was signed to the practice squad late last season, was waived.

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