Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SEAHAWKS: NSS first-round picks

Most assume it's between S Eric
Berry (above) and OT Trent
Williams at no. 6.

We don't do a lot of predictions or speculation here at NSS, but there's always room for stuff like that during draft week.

Below are our no. 6 and no. 14 pick predictions for Thursday's 2010 NFL draft.

Feel free to lambaste our predictions in the comments section while touting your superior picks.

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Jeff Richards
6. OT Trent Williams / Bryan Bulaga
You don't go with a veteran quarterback like Matt Hasselbeck and not give him the support to stay healthy and succeed. With Walter Jones all set to retire, Seattle has a gaping hole at left tackle and won't have the luxury of waiting until 14 and hoping the one they want falls. Williams has the athletic talent but lacks the production at left tackle Bulaga has. Safety Eric Berry will likely be available, but positional value tends to trump best player available this high in the draft.

14. DE Jason Pierre-Paul
Both Darryl Tapp and Patrick Kerney are gone, weakening what was already a sub-par pass rush. Pierre-Paul is one of the most athletically gifted ends in the draft and would give Seattle a good pairing with Lawrence Jackson, who is more of a run stuffer and lacks elite pass-rushing skills. It would certainly be a high-risk pick and not popular with many fans. Pierre-Paul needs time to develop, but Pete Carrol and company probably figure they have that. RB CJ Spiller is a popular option here, but Seattle already has two running backs on the roster, and it's the easiest position to fill late in the draft.

Jacob Kehle
6. S Eric Berry
Berry would be far and away the best player available at number 6 in the draft. Essentially playing a shut-down defense in the SEC last year for Tennessee, Berry would fit just fine in the Seahawks' secondary after releasing Deon Grant last month. The only concern with Berry is whether he'll be available at no. 6, or if the Chiefs elect to draft him with the fifth pick.

14. RB CJ Spiller

At number 14, CJ Spiller of Clemson would be a perfect fit for Pete Carroll's ultimate goal to develop the run-game for Seattle. As disinterest looms with the current running core (don't expect much time from Julius Jones next season), Spiller will bring excitement and energy to the field, but most likely won't be an every-down back in his first season. Picture Reggie Bush and the effect he's had on the Saints, Spiller can be just as effective in a smaller package and quicker pace.

Aaron Weinberg
6. S Eric Berry
Berry is ready to play in the NFL and can step in day one and contribute as a rookie alongside Jordan Babinueax. The downside here, as Jeff pointed out, is positional value. Not many safeties are taken in the top 10 for that reason. OT Trent Williams has an equal shot at being chosen here because Ray Willis is currently lining up at left tackle and no one really wants that to happen come kickoff against the 49ers. The Seahawks have dug themselves deep releasing S Deon Grant. This leaves the team with three gaping holes in starting positions: tackle and safety. Pick your poison at no. 6. Defensive end is the third gaping hole that will be addressed at no. 14.

14. DE Derrick Morgan
I fully expect Morgan to be Seattle's choice here. Pete Carroll reportedly has a man-crush on the defensive end after a stellar interview. Morgan excelled in Georgia Tech without much support on the defensive line in 2009. This was the biggest question-mark for Morgan going into last season season: could Morgan succeed without Michael Johnson, Darryl Richard and Vance Walker lining up alongside him? He proved he could and Seattle needs to pull the trigger on this man to improve its pass rush for the future. C.J Spiller may be the popular mock pick here for fans, but I will tell you this: no way in hell Carroll takes Spiller. The zone blocking scheme brings mid-round RBs and turns them into legends and no one knows that better than Alex Gibbs.

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