Monday, March 22, 2010

SEAHAWKS: Sims told Mora he will be traded

Rob Sims

Speaking with Kevin Colabro on ESPN 710 radio, former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora Jr. said that OG Rob Sims told Mora that Sims is not allowed to work out at the VMAC because the team is shopping him around the league for a trade.

The Seahawks tendered the restricted free agent Sims at the fourth-round level, meaning any team hoping to acquire Sims would have to give Seattle a fourth-round pick.

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Sims doesn't hold much value in the league and it's unclear which teams are interested in the oft-injured OG. He missed 15 games on injured reserve in 2008 and missed two more last season.

Rumors are surfacing of Seattle's interest in Dolphins OG Justin Smiley, although Miami is reportedly asking for a third-round pick, which Seattle doesn't have until 2012.

Many fans and pundits are also speculating on trading Sims and possibly Chris Spencer to Denver, along with some draft picks, for Brandon Marshall. However, there doesn't seem to be any weight to the speculation or rumors.

The reason for Sims' extendability seemed to be his inability to pick up zone blocking last season.

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